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She inhaled deeply through her nose as she clenched her jaw, shutting her eyes tightly trying to prevent the tears from slipping out of them. She bit her bottom lip roughly, drawing a bit of blood. Letting a few tears seep from her eyes. She softly sobbed placing her face into the palm of her soft hands.. She sat in bed, crying before glancing at her phone. A few drops hitting the screen making it slightly difficult for her to reply to a message. She got up and washed her face, before putting on a fake smile and continuing her day.

You’re addictive
You’re my drug
I crave you on a daily basis
I crave the heartache
I crave the love you made me feel
You make my mind go crazy
I’m crazy because I still want more of you
I’m crazy because I love you


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He sat in the corner of the room, eyeing everyone as they enter. Long brown hair caught his eye, he watched the girl move across the room and sit down. He took his drink and finished it before putting the cup down, looking straight in front of him and ran his fingers through his golden hair. His mind deep in thought he felt a stare touch the side of his head, he looked over and saw the girl looking at him. She smiled, her gorgeous brown eyes sparkled.. He smiled back then saw her put her head down. He quickly got up and moved across the room, plopping down beside her and looking at her. She looked up from her lap and softly gasped, he smiled again. She looked a bit dazed and lost in her thoughts.. He thought to himself.. “What is she thinking about?”

She sat in the corner of the room, laughing and talking filled the room. She sat there, silent, not making a sound. She did not want attention drawn to her, in the corner of her eyes she saw a boy. His hair golden and his eyes a gorgeous shade of blue. She smiled at him. He smiled back. A blush crept up on her face and she softly laughed before looking at her lap, her fingers playing at the hem of her summer dress. She looked back up and his gorgeous eyes were right in front of her, a soft gasp left her lips as she jumped up slightly. A chuckle filled her ear and ran down her spine, she then blushed harder. He smiled, the most perfect smile. Then a thought crossed her mind. “How does he feel?”